Does London Need Another Runway?

As the debate continues to rage, with Heathrow & Gatwick both claiming to be the best option for an additional runway, I thought it might be interesting to review the current situation and ask whether an extra runway is needed at all. London has six international airports within an hour’s drive or train-ride of the centre:… Continue reading Does London Need Another Runway?

Does UK Need More Airports?

Reading the latest document from the Stop Stansted Expansion (which is excellent, and can be downloaded here) it strikes me that although there istechnically debate, nobody seems to be listening to what anyone else is saying. Two of the graphics in SSE’s latest submission stand out so I’ve included them below. The first shows that… Continue reading Does UK Need More Airports?

The Trouble With Trains

I am a big believer in railways as a way of moving people & freight around a country quickly, efficiently and cheaply. It may well be the case that part of Japan’s post-War expansion was thanks to an extensive network of railways. So I have given quite a bit of thought to UK’s HighSpeed projects,… Continue reading The Trouble With Trains